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Rochester Skies

Missed the conference? Watch videos of the speakers here!

The videos are listed in chronological order on the tabs to the left. To watch a particular video, simply click on a tab, and then click on the 'play' button.

Gerry Kocken: Pike Creek Star Party

Robert Mutel: Low-Cost Spectroscopy using Small Telescopes

Carl Wenning: The Astronomical Bucket List

Armando Manduca: The Most Productive Scientific Instrument Ever Built

Steve Kawaler: Architecture of Planetary Systems through Host Star Variability

Russ Durkee: 15 Years of Backyard Research

Karl Young: The Cosmic Microwave Background with Balloon Borne Telescopes

Dave Falkner: 500 Years of Astronomy

Jennifer Anderson: Going Ballistic: Making Impact Craters in the Laboratory


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